The fashion industry is in trouble ...

... Natural resources like water and cotton will soon dry out

... 74% of consumers expect brands to act environmentally responsible

... The fashion resale is outpacing traditional fashion retail.

All factors that call for action. But so far, we have not seen scalable solutions catch on. We are yet to experience real, systemic change in the fashion industry.

The answer lies in circular economy ...

Recirculating clothes is by far the most efficient way to reduce its footprint. In fact, it is up to 3.000% more efficient than reusing material. With the right platform, we can connect brands and consumers, while making a real difference.

CONTINUED is that platform. It lets brands sell more, and buy less, while increasing their environmental impact drastically.


It is fashion as a service


Sustainability as a product

The Continued™ Platform

CONTINUED is a systemic change-maker that helps brands reimagine fashion and break with their linear business models. Through a slick set of circular white label solutions, CONTINUED enables brands to become more circular by facilitating resale and rental of their items while learning from data insights that can help them understand the lifecycle and long-term value of their products. In a discontinuous world, we let your brand explore future business opportunities based on circular economy while executing your existing business.


  • Brand App
  • KPI dashboard
    (Sales, Inventory,
    Finance, Impact)
  • API to push/pull ERP data
  • Customer service/fulfilment
  • Circular Webshop
  • Several rent/resale models
  • (B2B, B2C, C2C)
  • Account management
  • Payment
  • Fashioned to your style tile
  • Brick and Mortar
  • Accept and fulfil rental or secondhand orders in-store
  • Hardware
  • Account management
  • Consulting
  • Why us? Pioneers with great hands-on experience
  • Usership knowledge
  • Product and market strategies
Continued™ Tools
Two Click Listing Pricing Calculator Contingency Planning Workflow Rules and Triggers Footprint Calculator Modelling and Analysis of Scan Data

Get involved ...

More and more brands are recognizing the opportunities and advantages of circular economy in the fashion industry. Reach out if you want to discuss and explore your circular possibilities.

Your brand Continued

Who we are

Peter and Vigga Svensson have been award-winning entrepreneurs and pioneers in the fashion industry for more than 15 years.

In 2003 they founded the successful Danish kids wear brand, KATVIG and in 2014 they took their vision about sustainable fashion consumption one step further and founded, the worlds first circular subscription service for kids wear.

In 2017 Peter and Vigga founded CONTINUED with the aim to create a generic software solution for circular consumption in the fashion industry.

Our activities are live and managed by a highly experienced team. 

Co-founder, Interim CEO Peter Svensson


Co-founder and IT engineering Jeppe Basse


Co-founder, board and advisory Vigga Svensson
Investor Nicolaj Reffstrup

Co-founder, GANNI